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Waxing Services

Anywhere you have hair, we’ll wax it! At Kimberly&Co. we take pride in offering the best care for hair removal possible. Using both soft and hard wax, our clients are able to receive full body waxing and full facial waxing. When booking for a body wax appointment, please make sure the hair is at least ⅛ of and inch long, exfoliate and moisturize the area 48 hours prior to your appointment, and please be aware that freshly waxed skin should not enter any foreign bodies of water (pool, hottub, lake, river, ocean, etc.). Further care will be instructed at the time of your appointment. 

We appreciate you trusting us with your hair removal needs, so much so that we offer a wax loyalty program! After your 5th wax, your 6th wax is free! If you happen to book two waxes at your free wax appointment, the lesser valued wax is free.

*We currently do not offer men’s Brazilian or bikini waxing services. 

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