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Spa Services

Kimberly&Co. offers a variety of relaxation services using the wonderfully organic and natural FarmHouse Fresh Goods and professional-grade skincare line, Dermalogica. This perfect duo allows our estheticians to create customized facials formulated especially for you, develop advanced facial add-ons, and perform aromatherapeutic relaxation massages.

Chemical Peel 
Products applied to Decollete

Chemical Peel applied to Decollete
Collagen Hand Treatment 
Collagen Foot Treatment 
Collagen Hand and Foot Treatment

NanoInfusion Lip and Eye Treatment










Dermalogica is a professional-grade skin care line rooted in education, customization, and the benefit of human touch. 

FarmHouse Fresh is a brand focused on organic wellness and a farm to table, deeply nutritious skincare line. 



This is a 30 minute facial that includes all of the loveliness of the Pro60, in a condensed version. Within the time allowed, you will still receive a highly beneficial facial, full consultation, and still have the option to add on specified treatments. 



This is a 60 minute facial formulated specifically for you. After the initial consultation, where we discuss your current regimen, concerns or challenges you have, goals for your skin, current hobbies, and any other pertinent information. Then, you will receive a full skin analysis and your esthetician will recommend any add ons, choose products for your facial, and create a treatment plan specific to you. All of our 60 minute facials include a neck and shoulder massage or hand and arm massage, finished with a stimulating facial massage. Each Pro60 facial will include all of the above and the advanced treatment attached to it. 



Dermaplaning is the act of shaving off vellus hair (peach fuzz) and dead/dry skin with a scalpel. The greatest benefit of dermaplaning is the removal of dead skin, this allows any products used in the treatment room and at home to penetrate further into the skin. There is no down time and effects last up to a week for this service, post treatment it is normal for the skin to feel very soft, 

but tight and exfoliated. Tenderness is sometimes a symptom for a client who does not exfoliate often. This service is fantastic for all skin types, but is not recommended to be performed on textured skin or active acne.



Microdermabrasion is a form of mechanical exfoliation using a vacuum function while also polishing the skin using a diamond tip. This is a great service for anyone whose concerns include fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, blackheads, and dull-looking skin. Downtime is minimal and your skin will be left feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. 



Dermalogica’s NanoInfusion, otherwise known as nano-needling, is our most advanced skin treatment. This is an infusion delivery system that 

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