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Makeup Brushes

Make up

Makeup application $44+ 

False eyelash price $15+ 

Bridal Makeup $55+

Bridal Party $50+

Children's Makeup $22


Full set Classic Extensions: $150+ 

2 week classic fill: $57+ 

3 week classic fill: $69+ 

Full set Volume Extensions: $225+ 

2 week volume fill: $70+ 

3 week volume fill: $95+ 

Full set Hybrid Extensions: $250+ 

2 week hybrid fill: $84+ 

3 week hybrid fill: $100+ 

Lash Lift and Tint: $80+ 

Lash Lift only: $50+ 

Lash Tint only: $20+

We have different levels of stylists to fit all budgets and the needs of our salon! Pricing may change to reflect the experience and market demand of your stylist.

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Eyelash Implants
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